Choose between the two types of hardwood flooring: varnish or pre-oiled?

Hardwood flooring are very common in Quebec homes, among other things because they are timeless and they adapt to all styles of decoration. For a long time, we found on the market a majority of varnished floors. This type of finish was perceived as more resistant compared to old techniques. However, nowadays, a new trend is emerging in the field of Bois-Franc flooring: pre-oiled flooring.

Which of the two is better? Each having its advantages and disadvantages, we will present the facts so that you are better equipped to make a choice.

The varnished hardwood floor

varnished hardwood floor

In the past, most of the Bois-Franc floors were covered with layers of varnish. It was necessary to remake the varnish on a periodic basis and as the product was very fragrant, the occupants of the house had to provide a few days outside the room and sometimes even from home. With many new products being developed to address this situation, the process is now made much simpler.

Water-based varnishes help protect the hardwood floor against scratches. We can also choose the finish that suits us: semi-gloss, satin or ultra-matte. 
The less desirable aspect of the varnish is related to the fact that a new layer must be put back when it becomes damaged and that this process can be relatively complex. Sand the surface, sand, clean the dirt created by the sanding and then apply the new layer of product.

Pre-oiled hardwood floor

Pre-oiled hardwood floor

Even though the pre-oiled floor mode seems to have appeared recently, by doing our research well, we realize that in fact, this technique was very widespread in the past. Pre-oiled hardwood is coming back into fashion at the same time as people are looking to make more environmentally conscious choices.

At this level, one of the main advantages of this type of flooring is the fact that the oil, especially that which comes from natural sources, is more ecological than the varnish, even if the new varnishes are manufactured at from products much less harmful than before.

Other features of pre-oiled hardwood include the fact that this material needs to be serviced more often than varnish, but the maintenance techniques are very simple. On a daily basis, the surface is cleaned with a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. Subsequently, if necessary, a layer of oil is dispensed without even having to sandblast.

In general, this type of coating has a longer life than varnished hardwood. It is also very resistant to temperature variations, as well as to the general wear and tear on our floors. In addition, the oil hides better the imperfections of the wood, offering a more uniform surface.

At the level of the disadvantages, it is mainly thought that the oiled surface is less glossy than that of the varnish. In the eyes of some people, this can be a disadvantage.

Choose between the two types of hardwood floors

The varnished and pre-oiled hardwood floors each have their respective flaws and benefits. Those looking for a shiny finish will go to the varnished floor while those who want to minimize the impact their floor will have on the environment will instead choose pre-oiled wood. The current trend sees steady progress on both sides, seeking to offer quality products to consumers.