How to choose a suitable home humidifier?

Nowadays, a suitable home humidifier is becoming a necessary item for every house. As we all know, temperature has a direct impact on people’s feelings about the living environment. Equally, humidity also has the same impact on people’s living and health. With the improvement of people’s living and the widespread use of air conditioners, air-condition diseases, such as tight skin, dry mouth, coughing and sneezing, are getting more and more common. Medical research has shown that people can find their groove physically and mentally when indoor humidity reaches 45%-65%RH and temperature 20℃ -25℃. Both work and rest can achieve the ideal results. So, How to choose a suitable humidifier for home?

suitable home humidifier

According to Your Building Area

When using humidifier at home, too dry and too wet is not good. Only scientific humidification can they provide a better care for you and your families’ health. So the building area is one of factors that should be taken into consideration. For example, you can use the whole house humidifier for your home, but if you want to save money, it is suitable to use a humidifier with 270 ml/h in humidity in a 20 m² room and 540 ml/h in a 40 or 50 m² room.

whole house humidifier

According to Humidifier’s Function

Nowadays, humidifiers have more and more functions, such as hot air function, the antibacterial function, the aseptic humidification, the silver ion sterilization, the automatic constant humidity function and so on. Compared with a humidifier only with humidification function, the humidifier with above functions are more beneficial to health. Choosing a suitable humidifier for your space depends on the individual needs. If you are a beautiful lady who wants to moisturize skin, maintain beauty and keep young, a humidifier with hot air function would be a good choice. If you are a person who values time and effort, you can choose a humidifier with automatic constant humidity function which can humidify automatically or stop humidifying according to the indoor humidity. It is very convenient to use. Most humidifiers use the humidity display technology which allows you to know the indoor humidity at a glance.

According to Humidifier Types

The humidifiers on the market can be basically divided into three types, electrothermal humidifier, ultrasonic humidifier and evaporative humidifier. The electrothermal humidifier, which is unsafe and consume large power energy, can not be easily seen on the market. So, ultrasonic humidifier and evaporative humidifier are the most popular types.

According to Humidifier Brand

A humidifier is not an expensive home appliance, but you cannot buy one casually to place at home. These people who buy humidifiers all want guaranteed-quality and a longer service life. Then, it is especially important to choose a reliable brand. If you go to a store or a supermarket, you can find countless humidifier brands, whose prices range from dozens to hundreds of dollars. The prices of some unknown brands are cheap, but they just have humidification function, no sterilization or other functions. And their after-sales services are not guaranteed. Such unknown brands are not recommended to buy. Here is recommended home humidifier brand list rating.

BONECO  Rate 85/100

With a history of nearly 60 years, BONECO won the Red Dot Design Award twice in recent years. American Consumer Reports speaks highly of BONECO humidifiers’ big spray volume, low noise and convenience. Humidifiers can create an environment with constant temperature and humidity. The tiny mist can make people breath more smoothly. And they also have excellent air purification function which has a high cleaning efficiency to dust, bacteria and fungus. BONECO does quite well in lowering the noise. At night, BONECO cool mist humidifier can function quietly and improve your sleeping environment.

Honeywell  Rate 84/100

Honeywell, founded in 1885, ranks 280th in the top 500 enterprises. With respect to indexes of noise, efficiency and water quality set by Consumer Reports, Honeywell has received a high evaluation. Honeywell humidifiers also humidify through ultrasonic wave. It has solved the problem of “white powder” phenomenon by improving the outlet as BONECO did, but it does better than BONECO in comfort. Nevertheless, Honeywell produces mostly small humidifiers which are suitable for use in smaller rooms.

Venta  Rate 82/100

Venta humidifiers have occupied 60% of German market after they came into the market in 1981 and their sales have long been the first in the industry in Germany. Venta humidifiers can keep indoor air at around 40% , which accords with the needs of human body to get comfort. They also have air purification function. They can filter some common indoor pollutants such pollen, second-hand smoke and PM2.5 through the rotation of the impeller, which can save the money to buy filters. The use-cost of Venta is much lower than BONECO and Honeywell that also have air purification function. The price of Venta humidifiers is not expensive, so it is suitable for bulk-buying.

Stadler Form  Rate 81/100

Stadler Form, founded in 1998, won the the Red Dot Design Award three times consecutively. For those families in which someone gets allergic asthma, choosing the Stadler Form humidifiers can help relieve the symptoms of this asthma. Stadler Form attaches great importance to the water mist cleanliness and effective filtration to bacteria and viruses is its outstanding advantage. Stadler Form humidifiers can kill most of the bacteria in the water by using silver ion filter with antibacterial property. EER is another highlight of Stadler Form. Even used in an room of 80 ㎡, humidifiers would not waster too much power. The price of Stadler Form humidifiers is moderate and the cost performance is considerable.