Does Your Picnic Table Require Covers?

If you are on the lookout for buying a picnic table cover, there are many options available in online and offline stores. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options available and the variety of choices out there. Many people are unaware of the need for a picnic table cover, which is an important accessory of your picnic table, helping keep it safe in all conditions.

If you are just starting with buying a table cover, you need to know some basics, which will help you make the most appropriate selection. This article will discuss some important aspects to know while going ahead to buy a good table cover.


It is advisable to go for a neutral color unless you want to give it a much prettier designer look in terms of a picnic table color. A neutral color may go with anything around and also good for all occasions. It can also keep a proper weather condition inside the cover, which will protect your valuable piece of furniture from heat, moisture, and dampness, etc.

If you tend to leave your picnic table in the backyard or open space, make sure that you provide adequate protection to your table from environmental elements like UV rays, rain, wind, dust, snow, and so on.


As we know, table linens are coming in a wide range of fabric so as the table covers. To ensure waterproofing and UV resistance, you can make the best possible choices in picnic table cover are polyester and Vinyl. These are durable as well as highly water-resistant. On getting covers with these materials, it is also much easy for you to wipe clean them from getting dirty. You may also do machine washing of the same when needed.

Vinyl, polyester and other synthetic material table covers are available in all shapes and textures. These can last longer and come at budget-friendly pricing too. These materials also demand only less pressing work from you by being lightweight and flexible. Because of these materials’ synthetic nature, the messes and spills also may not be a threat to these, which can be easily removed with minimal spray wash treatments.


Along with the above, size is another big consideration were many out there go wrong. It is very important to choose the right-size table cover to ensure the best fit. If you tend to choose bigger or smaller covers, these will easily slip off your table during winds. So, always look for perfect fit covers and look for covers with ties and attachments to it to be fixed securely onto the table legs.

In Summary

You may also compare the available tale covers from the price point of view to see. Evaluate the features against the price tag to see, which gives you the best value out of money within your budget. Do not get overwhelmed by the abundance of products and the misleading offers but be very sure of your actual requirement and budget to make the most appropriate choice.