Should Glass Fireplace Doors be Tempered or Laminated?

A fireplace is an essential place in a house for multiple reasons. First of all, if you live in a cold area, it functions to keep you and your house warm during the immense cold. Adding to this, a fireplace can add life to your house and give it an aesthetic look.

However, there is one thing that can add to the beauty and functionality of your fireplace glass. Wondering what? Glass fireplace doors make this.

Glass is an excellent choice for fireplaces that not only adds to the beauty of the room but also balances the temperature.

Why are fireplace doors so vital?

The fireplace needs to be covered to promote safety. The fireplace doors create a barrier between the fireplace and your room where the fireplace is located. Moreover, fireplace doors highly increase the beauty of the fireplace and your room where it is located.

Fireplace doors also do an important function that many people fail to figure out. A fireplace is designed in a way that there is a chimney right above it from where the smoke is let out. However, the presence of a chimney also takes away the warmth that you want to have in your room after the fire is set out. Therefore, the doors stop the warmth from escaping through the chimney.

Moreover, during the summer season, the doors prevent the cool air from the air conditioner from escaping through the chimney.

Glass Fireplace Doors

Difference between laminated and tempered glass fireplace doors

There are several kinds of fireplace glass doors available to cover your fireplace and make it look amazing. The different kinds of doors are made up of different materials and also feature different designs.

Although there are a lot of options available, laminated doors and tempered doors are the two most used fireplace door types.

Let’s learn about them.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass

The structure of the laminated glass is like a sandwich. It comprises two pieces of tempered glass combined with a vinyl interlayer in between. The name laminated is given to it because the pieces of glass stay together in case of an accident.

Advantages of laminated glass doors

Do not shatter: If the door breaks accidentally, the laminated glass will not shatter easily. The laminate on it will keep the pieces of broken glass together and prevent a lot of injuries. The laminated glass is also used in the making of car windshields because of this quality.

High resistance to heat: The laminated glass has a high level of resistance to heat, and it does not shatter easily when facing extreme heat from the fireplace.

Repairable: Damage (though a small one only) can be repaired using an adhesive that is particularly available for this purpose only. It means you do not have to change the entire glass if there is a small crack or hole in it.

Disadvantages of laminated glass doors

One disadvantage that the laminated glass door has is that it is much costly than the tempered glass door. Therefore, you must think about your budget before deciding about this glass.

Tempered glass

Tempered glass

The tempered glass is produced by the heating regular glass at a high temperature. A glass undergoes some chemical processes and rapid cooling to produce tempered glass that is strong and durable.

Advantages of tempered glass doors

Strong and durable: The tampered glass door is almost five times stronger than the ordinary glass door. As opposed to the laminated glass that does not shatter and scatter, the tempered glass breaks down into very small granular pieces instead of long sharp pieces. This is a positive quality, too, as the big sharp pieces might cut through the human skin and severely injure someone.

Resistant to heat: This glass is resistant to heat and can safely be installed for fireplaces doors. A tempered glass door withstands high temperature and doesn’t break easily.

Disadvantages of tempered glass doors

The only disadvantage of tempered glass doors is that it requires regular maintenance. Moreover, if glass breaks, picking it, and cleaning it can become a very irksome job. These small particles may hurt a person as they can enter through the tiniest of openings.

Which glass should be installed on fireplace doors?

fireplace door

Although both types of glass fireplace doors, tempered and laminated, are good options for fireplace doors, you can choose one that best suits your requirements. However, the better choice between the two is by far the laminated glass.

There are several reasons why laminated glass is picked above the tempered glass. First of all, it promotes safety as the glass does not break down and scatter; it sticks in the frame and can easily be removed without any injuries.

Adding to this, small damages to the laminated glass doors can be repaired using a specialized adhesive. This prevents extra expenses in case of any accidents.

Laminated glass, although not more than tempered glass, is very resistant to high temperatures due to its multiple layers. The vinyl interlayer in between also prevents the glass from breaking very easily when exposed to high temperatures. So, laminated glass would be a better choice for your fireplace.