Top Fireplaces that Santa Would Be Happy To Go Down

Did you know that there are only 29 days left until Christmas? This is such a special time of the year, a time where we can get together with our loved ones and enjoy some quality time together and share the incredible memories shared throughout the year of 2020. Spending time with the family is what Christmas is what it’s all about, but one thing is certain, a warm crackling fire in the background is what makes this time truly special. There is just something so comforting about a fire, it makes it so easy to dive into the Christmas spirit and make the most out of this wonderful occasion. 

As we prepare for this big day, you can’t help but find your mind wandering about what Christmas will be like with a new fireplace. Well in this blog we are going to do exactly that, it is time to discuss the top fireplaces that Santa would be more than happy to travel down this year. 

Traditional Fireplace Design

The traditional fireplace will never be completely replaced, it been a family favorite for many years and it will continue this way for many years to come. So, what do you meant when we refer to a traditional fireplace? In my option, the traditional fireplace is the classic woodburning option, it takes more than a flick of a switch to get started but once it’s started, it creates a beautiful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

A proper wood-burning fireplace is an amazing idea for anyone who is looking to keep their living room warm this winter with a nice change from the traditional central heating system. Whilst fireplaces might not be the most cost-effective option for keeping your home warm, there is just sometimes so fun about getting a fire going and settling into the evening with a drink in hand. 

Contemporary Woodburner 

A wood burner is another great option for someone who wants a fireplace but may not have space and a chimney to support a full fireplace. In these cases, wood burners are the perfect solution. They allow the owner to still create a safe fire whilst being contained with a small metal structure that feeds straight into a chimney tube that takes the fumes out of the property. 

Wood burners are fast growing in popularity due to their compact design and lovely overall presence. Another key advantage of having a smaller fireplace is that the fire is a lot easier to maintain. There will never be concerns about the fire burning all night long, just load up a handful of logs and you are almost guaranteed an hour or two of a lovely fire. 

Energy Efficient Electric Fireplace 

It’s time to discuss some of the modern alternatives on the market. Electric fireplaces are now being fitted into thousands of new properties every year. Why you may ask, well this is because they offer an energy-efficient alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace design. At the flick of a switch, you can turn on the device which not only produces a consistent flow of heat, it also creates a stunning visual effect that is almost a spitting image of a real fire.

Stunning Gas Fireplace

The gas fireplace is a great halfway point between a wood-burning fireplace and an electric fireplace. This type of fireplace uses a sleek design that can fit into an existing fireplace space very easily but with the fuel source being gas there is a lot less maintenance needed. The burn is a lot cleaner making it a lot easier to clear out after a winter longs use.

We hope that this has helped breakdown the main fireplaces on the market. Each has its benefits and will be better suited to different properties. If you are looking for a fireplace in Leeds make sure you speak to a local installer today and make your dreams a reality.