Home Ice Maker

5 Factors to Consider When Buying An Ice Maker for Home

In the United States, people have a great demand for ice, whether it’s a hot summer or a cold winter. Therefore, the home ice maker has always occupied a certain market share in kitchen appliances.

So, what factors should we consider when buying a home ice maker?

1. Ice Making Speed

The ice-making speed is the most important indicator of a home ice maker. At present, the home ice maker produced basically a fixed amount of ice cube per time: 9 bullet-shaped or 24 square-shaped ice cubes. The shorter time, the stronger the ice-making ability.

2. Capacity

The ice capacity is the main indicator of home ice makers. But generally speaking, the daily ice capacity of home ice makers is sufficient within 50 pounds a day.

3. Ice Storage Capacity

For consumers who have a certain demand for ice cubes, an ice maker with a large ice storage capacity should be considered.

4. Easy to Use

Ease of use is related to the user experience. Whether the control panel is easy to use? Whether the ice maker has a prompt for water shortage or full ice? And the number of ice cube shapes and size.

5. Brand

It is recommended to choose well-known brand products, which have advanced technology and have relatively reliable after-sales service.

Editor Recommended Brands


The price of Igloo home ice makers is generally around affordable $100. The daily ice capability is about 33 lb per day, but Igloo values ​​the machine’s ice-making speed more. Igloo ensures its ice maker machines have the ability to make ice in 6-8 minutes.

Igloo home ice maker mainly produces round bullet-shaped ice. Many of Igloo ice machines have outstanding performance, which can meet home daily ice needs. Consumers can choose according to their needs and budget.

Igloo ICE-108 is priced at about $115, it can make ice in 7 minutes. Its ice cubes have a lower temperature and melt more slowly.

The ICE-108 has a size of 15 inches high x 15 inches long x 12 inches wide, and there is a drain hole at the bottom to facilitate the emptying of the remaining water after use.

The ICE-108 is slightly inadequate in that it can only make 2 ice cube shapes, but this does not affect it became the benchmark for home ice makers.

ICE-103 is priced at about $100, is also considered one of the best portable ice makers. It has a compact size(L x W x H: 15.90 x 13.38 x 16.77 inches), and can produce 26 pounds of the round bullet-shaped ice cube (within 3 sizes) in 24 hours and has a storage capacity of 2.2 pounds. ICE-103 is equipped with a digital control panel with indicator lights, corresponding to the ice full or water shortage. The ICE-103 is definitely a cost-effective ice maker for home.

For consumers who care about the ice making speed and the degree of ice cube hardness, ICE-108 is recommended; ICE-103 is relatively more cost-effective and suitable for ordinary families.


NewAir produces a series of high-performance high-end home ice makers, the price starts at $200, and the daily ice capacity is among 20-55 lb.

NewAir ice makers produce 12 ice cubes in an average of 10 minutes. NewAir also pursues ease of use, so that consumers can be as easy and convenient as possible to operate.

AI-215SS‘s ice capacity reaches 50 pounds a day, which can satisfy families with heavy ice demand. And the most outstanding point is its single ice-making efficiency, it makes up to 12 pieces of ice in as little as 13 minutes. AI-215SS portable ice maker also includes an 18-hour timer and self-cleaning functions.
AI-100BK is also a very popular home ice maker, It produces fresh ice every 6 to 15 minutes, so there’s no long wait. It produces up to 28 pounds of ice each day and keeps it cold in a well-insulated storage compartment.