Board Games Vs. Video Games, Which Is Better for Family?

In any gathering, games can spice up the occasion. Thus people have found different kinds of games to entertain themselves. The most commonly played games are video games and board games.

Given these two distinct games, it’s hard to directly state one game rises above the other one. So, let us first determine the difference between the two to help us decide which one is better for you.

What Are The Differences Between Board Games And Video Games?

Board Games

Through the years, both video games and board games have evolved in terms of strategies, level of difficulty, and presentations. Here are the principal differences between them:

  1. Video games need not be physically present for you to play with your friends and playmates. With board games, physical presence is required and you cannot play alone. However, the bond is much more fun and real as you gather together physically.
  2. Video games do not need a longer time to set up before you can play. Since everything is digital, you can just sit down on your game chair and begin playing after downloading the game. With board games, you need to spare some time for instructions to be understood by all the players. So there should be some sort of orientation first on how to play the game before you can equip everyone to be ready enough.
  3. Board games have the advantage of facing your opponents, thus you can study their body language to win over them. With video games, you cannot see your players so there is no chance to read their strategies through body language.
  4. Board games are a healthy way to reduce stress and can be played anytime anywhere even if you do not have an internet connection. With video games, exposure to radiation and other elements from electronic screens may cause damage to your eyes and brain. You may be limited to play if there is an absence of power or internet.
  5. Video games offer replay value because you can play unlimited, even reaching hundreds of hours. The experience intensifies more even after several replays as you progress from one level to a higher one. With board games sometimes replay value is limited because, after a few games, you probably won’t go back to play.
  6. Video games can be played solo. So if you feel like playing because you suddenly got bored, you can just grab your gadget and play infinitely as you want. With board games, you rarely can play solo.
  7. Board games teach the value of teamwork as they encourage players of different ages to work together and make a great team. That is something the kids and children need to do as they grow up and even throughout their lives. Video games teach less about teamwork because of the absence of physical players.
  8. Board games offer more opportunities for learning values in life, especially for kids. Learning self-control while waiting for your turn, patiently following rules, and interacting with a partner or a large group are important lessons that players can apply in real life, most importantly for kids who are developing vet at an early stage. Video games do not need these values and rarely teach players from acquiring these life lessons. We even can hear video game players uttering bad words out of dismay and lack of patience. Some even become harsh and rude due to the theme and kind of games they are playing.

Despite these differences, both games have several similarities as well. Take a look at the list below as we explore what is common to both.

Video Games

What Are The Similarities of Board Games And Video Games?

  1. Both have instructions and regulations to be understood and followed.
  2. Both sharpen the brain as it needs logical thinking.
  3. Both help improves problem-solving skills and memory enhancers.
  4. Both develop creativity through the imagination of strategies and techniques to win.
  5. Both have careers in competition.
  6. Both can be a great source of enjoyment and relaxation especially if you are stressed out.

Final Words

Discussing these similarities and differences, we can already identify the pros and cons of each of the 2 games. Both have positive and negative effects on the players. In the end, choose the right one depending on your needs and satisfaction.