Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery Sewing Machine Review

On occasion, we run into some machines that really make a mark and this one, the Brother LB-6800PRW project runway computerized embroidery and sewing machine as it is known as in its entirety, is one of them. With a whole host of features and capabilities that were thought impossible at this price, Brother really has outdone itself with this machine.

Moreover, the fact that this one is semi-portable makes it all the better. While we are pleased to see the great inclusions in this, we subjected it to the same rigorous testing and were quite pleased with the results.

Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery Sewing Machine


This machine is designed primarily for embroidery and design work than anything else as is evident right from the design. The work area is quite generous and it embroidery specific with the right panel to work on. Moreover, out of the nearly 140 stitches included, most are decorative ones. These stitches are very impressive and the designs seem straight out of the catalog of a designer brand.

We had some machines which were very poor on the quality of the decorative stitches in terms of tacking and knotting but the Brother LB-6800PRW does this to perfection. There are no loose stitches and everything is in the right place without any overhanging. While this machine is for design, the utility or the regular sewing stitches are also by no means sub-par. In fact, they offer great support to the decorative ones as these hold the fabric well together. The one-step buttonholes are easy to use and they finish perfectly as well.

Works Great

This machine might not be meant to perform at 1000 stitches per minute but it would have been preferable to have a stronger motor as that would be helpful when using the utility stitches. The motor in place works great for embroidery work but it is not greatly suited for large projects such as quilts. The included accessories help in this aspect but an upgrade to the motor is something that would be very welcome.

Computerized Panel

Using the machine is very simple thanks to the computerized panel that lets users choose almost every aspect of their stitching. From the pattern to the tension and the width of the stitch to the speed of stitching, which can also be adjusted with the electronic control, the control panel is the best thing about the machine.

Moreover, its touch screen which is rather convenient to use when compared to pressing tiny buttons or pulling on switches and levers. The level of computerization in this sewing machine is quite good with the option of connecting directly to the computer and importing the designs you like.

Automatic Needle Threading

The machine does a lot of work by itself which goes a long way in saving time for you. The automatic needle threading system is very reliable to use as is the bobbin dropping mechanism which inserts the thread appropriately.


On the whole, this machine is very carefully designed and easy to use but there are some areas which can be improved on, in addition to the motor. The accessories don’t include embroidery rings and the included one is quite small. Some users have reported that the machine fails on occasion and needs to be restarted.


  • Great value for money
  • Perfect for embroidery stitching
  • Computerization is impressive
  • Automatic needle threading


  • Motor a little underpowered
  • Only one embroidery ring