Brother PC-420PRW Sewing Machine Review

Every now and then, a gem of a sewing machine is released by the best manufacturers in the business and they become the next best thing after mom’s apple pie! The machine we are talking about here is the Brother PC-420PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine and for likely owners, it is good that this is a limited edition because you will have something to show off! This machine is a high-end model, costing more than twice the entry-level models but at the same time features a multitude of functionality that were earlier thought impossible. For users looking for a new machine, this is the ideal even if it means that the budget has to be stretched a little.

To start off the machine has nearly 300 stitches including a variety of utility and decorative ones. Moreover, there are some that are dedicated for satin which wasn’t fully tested due to the lack of materials but the stitches that required normal cotton thread worked great. Moreover, the decorative ones too held firmly and it didn’t look like the thread would peel off easily. The designs of “some” of the decorative ones are great while there are those that would seem quite irrational to use, but that’s personal opinion anyway.

One of the best aspects of this Brother PC420PRW 294-Stitch Sewing Machine is the level of automation. The on-board computer takes care of most of the menial jobs and all that is required of the user is to select the type of stitch and watch it go ahead. In fact, a unique feature that is absent from most other popular machines on the market is to program some stitches. These designs can be used by merely pressing a button! If users are not satisfied with the stitches provided, the LCD panel can be used to design custom stitches as well. This feature was tested in some detail and the results were quite brilliant. However, some of the complex artsy and embroidery stitches weren’t as expected. Making stitching more convenient and enjoyable is the twin needle system in place. This reduces the time needed for changing the commonly used threads and bobbins.

This machine is expensive, no doubt, but there are some accessories that make it worth the extra penny. Included in the box are a walking foot and a quilting foot that enable easy working on big jobs. According to users, one of the best things about this machine is the set of included accessories. Moreover, the instruction manual assists greatly in getting around the nooks and corners.

While Brother PC-420PRW is a professional grade machine, it does have some flaws. The most common example is the rare, but random skipping of stitches on a simple straight cut. This happens out of the blue and irrespective of the thread used. This doesn’t make the machine poor in quality but it should be fixed. Moreover, the automatic needle threading mechanism is not as efficient as it ideally should be and some users had problems with this as it broke easily. However, the great warranty policy of Brother ensures that the trouble is all manufacturer’s!

On a closing note, this machine is great for users with some stitching experience and those looking to get some serious work done. On the other hand, for recreational stitching and the like it is best to look out for some cheaper alternates.


  • A large collection of utility and decorative stitches
  • An impressive set of included accessories
  • Great way to store favorite and common stitches


  • Needle threader breakage
  • Price is quite high