Can Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Be Used Together?

Some people think that sunscreen and insect repellent cannot be used together, because they are concerned about the mixed effect of DEET, alcohol in insect repellent and benzophenone contained in sunscreen. The high-temperature environment will promote skin absorption of these chemical components which may cause skin allergies.

But, in fact, these ingredients of sunscreen and insect repellent currently on the market is far lower than the concentration that may have toxic and side effects on the human body. Therefore, except for users with allergies, the normal application is unlikely to cause toxic reactions.


If you mind, you can choose insect repellent containing Picaridin ( Amazon’s Choice for picaridin insect repellent under $10) or other ingredients instead of DEET insect repellent.

Regardless of the composition of the insect repellent, it should be used at intervals after using sunscreen. Because the sunscreen will form a film on the skin surface and has a blocking effect, it is recommended to apply sunscreen for more than half an hour before spraying the insect repellent.