Common Tips to Keep the Carpets Clean

When it comes to keeping the carpets clean, there is a lot that can be said and recommended in order to achieve it. However, you don’t have to do something extremely complicated or demanding; you can do just fine and achieve great results following a few simple and quite common tips that will serve you purpose.

Regular Vacuum Cleaning

All carpets have the ability to attract dust and grime due to the static electricity of the fibers. When you step on it, the friction between your feet and the carpet produces electricity. There are sprays you can use to reduce it, but the most important thing is vacuuming and regular cleaning.

Most carpet manufacturers and domestic cleaners would recommend at least weekly vacuuming of the carpets and rugs at home. However, the cleaning frequency will depend on the number of family members, the presence of kids and pets, etc. Carpets in the higher traffic zones also require more regular attention than the area with low traffic, especially on the big wall-to-wall carpets.

Use Modern Cleaning Appliances

Sometimes one high-tech device is able to replace common vacuuming and maintain much more long-lasting freshness of the floor. So, why couldn’t we try to take it all from tech development and use more modern devices?

Vacuum cleaners are one of the best ways to maintain everyday cleanliness. Though at the moment, they cannot completely replace common vacuums, their power, independence, and elaborate brushes easily lift and collect even deep debris. You can be sure that your assistant won’t get stuck or miss some spots if you choose a bot with navigation or power-boosting mode. Even budget models support them. You can also schedule your device for an everyday operation to make it pick up the messes even when you’re off the house.

Don’t Step with Shoes on The Carpet

In some parts of the world like Eastern Europe, it’s common to take your shoes off when in the house and replace them with slippers. However, in the other regions, mainly the USA, people tend to enter their homes and step on the carpets with the same footwear they were wearing outside of the house. However, around 80% of all the dirt in the household is carried in on shoes and then transferred to the carpets and rugs. Taking off your shoes can make a huge difference in the overall state of the cleanliness of your carpet.

Place Doormats in the House

Doormats placed both inside and outside of your home are an excellent idea to avoid getting the carpets dirty. Of course, just putting mats and pads isn’t enough; you should also use them and wipe your feet as often as possible so that you transfer a little amount of dirt and dust on the carpet.

Perform Deep Carpet Cleaning Twice a Year

Even if you clean and vacuum the carpet every day, you should still deep clean the carpet at least once a year. Some specialists recommend doing it twice per year. And if you cannot afford to loan a deep carpet cleaning machine or hire deep cleaning experts, then you can at least acquire a steam carpet cleaner because it can do just as good a job of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing the carpet.

By the way, special cleaning solutions also provide as deep pile cleaning and sanitation as steam, but they can be applied during manual cleaning. There are dozens of detergents for various aims like old stain removal, odor elimination, returning original color and softness to the pile, etc. Solutions are quite affordable. The only minus is that manual wet cleaning requires lots of time and effort.

All detergents contain chemicals, some less than others. That’s why they can be harmful to your pile. Please always test the detergents and start from the outside to prevent possible carpet damage. If you can, buy eco-friendly formulas and use them as little as possible.

Deal with Stains Immediately

That’s a very important part of carpet cleaning and carpet care. If you want the carpets in the house to look clean, then you should avoid staining. If, by chance, you stain them, then clean the stain as quickly as possible. Otherwise, if it is allowed to dry, the stain might not come out at all.

There are a couple of tips on how to clean stains quickly and properly. You probably know that the most important thing is to deal with the stain the moment it happens. A stain may be liquid or solid. If you don’t panic, there is a good possibility to remove the spot completely. Get a clean, dry towel and blot the affected area, absorbing as much liquid as possible. If you’re dealing with the other type, scrub all solid particles gently. Solid pollutions are always better as you can quickly apply the appropriate cleaning product like a common broom or a vacuum.

Don’t Neglect Professional Cleaning Services

When it comes to house cleaning, most homeowners prefer to manage things on their own. We’ve already found out that it is quite easy and is a good way of reasonable money saving. But sometimes we face pollution so complicated and materials so expensive that professional help becomes the only reasonable way out.

There are plenty of experienced and trusted cleaning companies with professional equipment to help you with your carpets. Please don’t think of calling a professional technician as of an insult to your skills or a waste of money. Not only you’ll save time, but also you’ll ensure no accidents will occur.


Unfortunately, if we don’t take proper care of our carpets, they won’t last. Since we are not all heirs to some rich families to afford every other year’s carpet replacement, these little tips will be useful to everyone. As you see, you can easily manage daily and weekly maintenance if you know what to do and what to do not.