Factors to Consider When Choose The Best Space Heater

Space heaters raise the room temperature quickly during winters to bring comfort with warmth. They come in different sizes, styles, and unique features, making it difficult to choose the best space heater. An average consumer needs to consider several factors to shortlist space heaters. They look for a reasonable price, energy-saving capacity, and preferably the latest comfort or style features.

Basic features of adequate heating and low cost of operation take precedence over other features. Let us see what factors determine the choice of the best space heater.

1. Type

There are primarily three types of space heaters, namely convection, fan-based and radiant heaters. We need to understand our heating requirements before deciding which type of space heater is suitable for us.

The convection heaters are suitable for whole room heating, and the radiant heaters are fit for spot heating. Generally, the convection heating may take a little extra time to heat the entire space. The Radiant heater models are portable and heat a specific area quickly. The fan-forced heaters throw hot air by using internal fans across a heating element.

The wall heater is another style of space heater that you can fit neatly inside the walls. Some models required brackets for hanging them on the walls. The former ones are more powerful with the advantage of quiet heating.

2. Capacity

After you zero in on the space where you want to install the space heater, you should now calculate your capacity requirements. As a thumb rule, you need 10 watts for every square foot of space. For heating an area of 100 square feet, you may need a minimum capacity of 1000 watts. However, this is too general and does not apply to all the models. Some models may cover more space depending upon the technology and environmental conditions.

3. Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is yet another vital factor to decide before taking a final call. You may be interested in conserving energy and reducing your overall heating costs. The features like an adjustable thermostat, programmable timers, and energy-saving technology ensure that power usage is minimum.

There are no EER ratings available for space heaters, as we usually see in air conditioners. But you can use a simple formula to calculate the energy usage based on the device’s wattage.

4. Safety Aspects

Safety is particularly crucial because portable heaters are potential fire hazards if you don’t operate or monitor it properly. Some heaters have auto power-off feature, and others come with touch surfaces which don’t get hot. Most space heaters have overheating protection, which ensures that the heater switches off automatically at unsafe temperatures.

5. Noise Levels

In addition to warmth, we prefer the quiet operation of space heaters. The noise also depends upon the technology. A fan-forced heater makes more noise than the oil-filled radiant heater. But there is a price factor as well. It depends upon your requirements and the price you are willing to pay for your comfort.

In the bedroom or office area, we prefer to have a quiet operation. At other places, one may not be too inclined to get lower noise levels.

6. Portability

Depending upon your requirements, you may give particular preference to portable space heaters because you are free to carry them to all the rooms and quickly heat any specific area. On the other hand, wall-mounted heaters are not portable. You need to choose a particular location for a wall heater. Therefore, the factor of portability is significant to narrow down your search option while deciding the best space heater that meets your requirements.

7. Looks and Style

The aesthetics of the device add to the ambiance of the room. The color and design of the device reflect your taste. However, some styles or colors may look awkward in the office. You may have a marked preference for digital controls or automatic oscillation for added convenience. Additional convenience features also increase the overall price of the product.


While buying a space heater, it is vital to check the heater’s energy efficiency and safety features after deciding its size and type. The comfort factors like noise, oscillation, and portability of the heaters add to the list of the advantages. Additional bonus features at competitive prices are always welcome.