How Exactly Bidets Offer A Healthier, Green Option for Bathroom

Bidets have seen tremendous growth in popularity in the United States this year – and not just because Americans are buying them to avoid running out of toilet paper during a pandemic again! Word is quickly spreading that bidets are a healthier and greener option for bathrooms so people want in on that action.


As most people know, one of the top health-related problems with toilet-paper wiping is the possibility of your hand or finger coming in contact with your waste. Yes, people wash their hands after toilet use, but unfortunately, sometimes residual waste still makes its way from your hands into your food, onto door handles, or onto your computer keyboard – just to name a few possibilities. From there, the germs go on to wreak havoc on your body.

Bidets like the TOTO S550e Washlet and Bio Bidet BB 2000 Bliss eliminate that first point of potential contact because in using one, you no longer need to wipe. Even better, you can purchase a bidet model that has a warm-air dryer, meaning your hands literally never have to come near your sensitive regions because you won’t need to pat yourself dry with toilet paper post-wash.

Reduced Doctor Visits

If better hygiene isn’t enough reason to invest in a bidet, then consider this: bidet users have less frequent trips to the doctor for UTI’s (women), bacterial prostatitis (men), and colorectal issues in general (both men and women).

The reason for that is because the water pressure from the nozzles that spray you during a bidet wash is highly effective at washing away bacteria that can cause those problems. This sounds funny, but the truth is: it’s like a shower for your rear!

Medical Relief

Finally, if you have medical issues, ranging from constipation to hemorrhoids to fissures, bidets offer relief. Most bidets offer an enema wash, which can relieve constipation, a huge blessing! And if you suffer from hemorrhoids or fissures, think about this: would you rather use abrasive paper to wipe, or have a soothing warm water wash? The choice is clear.  All in all, bidets improve your overall hygiene and help improve your health.


The other reason bidets are trending is because people are discovering they’re better for the environment. As wildfires rage through the West, many Americans are asking what they can do to help the planet. The surprising answer is: buy a bidet! Every year in America, we cut down around 9.1 million trees for the purposes of making toilet paper. When you consider that, for example, over the last 10 years, the bark beetle-killed 15 million trees per year in the Sierra National Forest*, you can see that we are not helping by using so many healthy trees to make toilet paper – a product we literally use once and flush away!


Some people worry that bidets may cost us more in water use. But the truth is, bidets use less water than the millions and millions of gallons used to manufacture toilet paper. There are so few products in the world that we use once then throw away. Toilet paper is truly a waste of our precious natural resources. If everyone in this country bought one bidet per household, imagine how many trees we would save.

So for your health, and the health of our planet, please buy a bidet today! Pass it on.