How To Spring Clean Your Shoe Closet?

Making your home comfortable and organized has daily benefits for optimizing space, enhancing layout, and ensuring you only keep what’s truly making you happy.

An important area not to overlook is wardrobes and in particular, footwear. What we wear on our feet often winds up being neglected whether that’s because it’s out of sight, and therefore out of mind, or also because we haven’t got proper systems in place.

To help you get started with this process, we shared this article that outlines how to sort, organize, and curate your essential footwear and its care!

How to Sort Your Shoes?

How to Sort Your Shoes

To get started, you need to take an audit of your shoes. Not only will doing this help you get a sense of your collection, having the right shoes around you can help make your feet and home healthier.

As you go through your shoes, make sure they’re properly clean as well as stored properly. If shoes need cleaning, put them aside to remove any debris or muck you’ve brought in from your outdoor adventures.

Not convinced? Consider this: a report found that, on average, the outside of shoes had 421,000 units of bacteria and 2,887 bacteria units on the inside! Moreover, fecal bacteria were found on 96% of the shoes.

How to Organize Your Shoes?

Now, get ready to scrutinize and curate your closet. As you go through your collection, consider:

  1. What you own already
  2. What you actually wear daily and by the seasons
  3. What your tastes suit
  4. What you might need in the future and you should keep for certain activities, e.g. hiking boots

This also has psychological health benefits for your peace of mind!

How to Care for Your Shoes?

Finally, check what shoes need repair or to be put away for a different season. Part of this is storing properly for years of wear ahead. Part of caring for your shoes is having the right storage as well, so this will also help you with finding solutions such as extra shelving. You can also chat with a cobbler about the best storage options for a range of styles.