What You Should Know Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner?

Which Type of Vacuum Cleaner Works Best?

1. Transmission cyclone vacuum cleaner: It works when the elliptical transmission cyclone inside generates strong centrifugal force to rotate and deposit dust, which can separate dust from the air effectively. The separated dust falls rapidly into the dust bucket and clean air is exhausted. Then, the goal of effective dust-cleaning is achieved.

2. A normal cyclone vacuum cleaner is installed only with one cylindrical filter inside. The dust is sucked into the bucket and rotated by centrifugal force with just a little bit of dust falling into the dust box. It cannot achieve the goal of separating dust from air totally. The other dust that remained in the air must be removed by the filter.

3. The box-type vacuum cleaner is a dust-collecting box, with one side with a hole, and the other with a sponge or a filter like HEPA. Owing to the narrow space of the dust-collecting box, the air inside cannot form cyclones and be filtered.

BISSELL 9595A Vacuum CleanerAt present, the best way of separating dust from air is to apply the technology of transmission cyclone. The transmission cyclone vacuum can totally separate dust from the air. The dust is sucked with the air into the dust bucket without going through the original paper HEPA filter, which is the reason why the situation of the filter being attached and clogged by dust cannot happen. Thus, transmission cyclone vacuum can maintain long-lasting strong suction. While the box-type sweeper that appears earlier can only filter dust through the filter screen. After being used, the filter may be clogged by dust. The cyclone vacuum cleaner cannot separate dust from air totally. The dust remained will eventually clog the filter, which means clogging the path of flowing air inside. The result is the suction of the vacuum cleaner will be reduced and the service life will be greatly shortened.

How to Extend the Service Life of a Vacuum Cleaner?

The cleaning of a vacuum cleaner includes two main parts: the cleaning of the machine itself and the cleaning of the dust-collecting bag. When cleaning the dust-collecting bag, we need to find the right place for storage first and then take out the dust-collecting bag. Remove the bigger dust that is attached to the bag and then clean it with water. Except for the cleaning of the dust-collecting bag, the regular cleaning of the machine itself and the pipe is also necessary to ensure the normal use of the vacuum cleaner. When cleaning the machine, use some cleaning supplies which can not only clean up but also remove the strange smells and keep the vacuum fresh. We can use lemon juice to have a better effect on removing the strange smells.

In addition to regular cleaning of the vacuum cleaner which ensures good efficiency, regular maintenance in daily use is also needed. Thus, the service life can be extended.

Before using it, we need to check first if the dust-collecting bag is full. If it is full, we must remove the dust firstly or the inside of the machine may be clogged. And we also need to check if the plug and the power cord are broken. If they are broken, we need to replace or repair them in time. The vacuum cleaner is powered by electricity, so we’d better not use it for more than two hours. Long hours of use will cause the machine to burn and affect directly the service life. After using it, we should clean the dust-collecting bag in time. When the machine is not in use, we should place it in dry and ventilated places. The dark and wet air will corrode the vacuum cleaner and affect its daily use of it.

5 Recommended Vacuum Cleaner Brands Rating

1. Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaner, the brand entering the US market in less than two years, beats the Hoover vacuum cleaner, one brand dominating the market for nearly 100 years, and becomes the champion in the American household cleaning product market. According to Consumer Reports, the Dyson vacuum cleaner is the first recommended brand. If you worry that the vacuum cleaner could be clogged by pet hair, Dyson can dispel your concern.

Dyson invents the bagless vacuum cleaner, which solves completely the problem that holes could be clogged easily. Dyson vacuum cleaner can adjust the power by inducing the floor material to suck in strongly the pet hair that hides in the carpet, which is beyond most producers’ ability. It is worth mentioning that Dyson vacuum cleaner once received the Queen’s praise. Its high price has never stopped the pace of consumers’ pursuit.

2. Hoover

Hoover was founded in 1907 whose founder was the earliest person who had insight into the potential market opportunity of household vacuum cleaners. King Edward VII also once ordered two Hoover cleaners to place at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. F7452-900 and F5914-900 had an outstanding performance in cleaning, application, and convenience, which received a high evaluation from Consumer Reports. And the latter was on the recommended list. Compared with the Dyson manufacturers who are good at dealing with micropollutants, Hoover cleaners have advantages in dealing with big pollutants such as pollen, dust, and plastic debris, which can reduce the possibility of infants suffering from respiratory diseases. More than 100 years later, Hoover is still in the leading position.

3. Electrolux

Electrolux had once accounted for 25% of the International household appliance market, whose founder, Axel Wenner-Gren, invented the world’s first household cleaner in 1912. EL3020A vacuum cleaner received the highest evaluation from Consumer Reports in dealing with pet hair, application, and noise—“Excellent”. Electrolux vacuum cleaners apply the HEPA filters which have the highest filter efficiency at present. And this filtering device was once applied to the air circulating system by NASA. Electrolux cleaners are the best choice for forwards and high-end restaurants. It can also do self-cleaning through suction, which is beyond most brands’ ability.

4. Panasonic

Panasonic was founded by Konosuke Matsushita in 1918 and ranked 26 in the world’s top 500 manufacturing industries at the beginning of this century. It changes people’s stereotyped image that vacuum cleaners are very heavy. Panasonic cleaners’ advantages can be greatly shown in narrow spaces. With the wireless design and snap button function, Panasonic cleaners can even clean efficiently in a car. These designs make Panasonic win many market share from Dyson and Hoover vertical vacuum cleaner producers. And in many high-quality vacuum cleaners, Panasonic has a moderate price.


KARCHER, the inventor of the portable cleaning machine, is a famous industrial vacuum dryer brand. It mainly produces wet/dry vacuum cleaners which have the advantages of a high level of cleanliness and a better muting effect. As to the users’ evaluation, HARCHER’s special cleaning brushes for curtains and mattresses are also popular. In general, KARCHER vacuum cleaners are designed for industrial and commercial use and suit users who live in villas. In the low price segment between $100-$300, the sales of the KARCHER vacuum are very good.

How About Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

The power of a robot vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly not as good as that of a vacuum cleaner, which leads to the situation that the dust-cleaning ability of the former is not as good as that of the latter. Usually, the robot cleaner can only clean the tiny dust from floors, but it can do nothing with the deep cleaning of a house. Because of its big power, the vacuum cleaner can clean more places and more types of garbage than the robot cleaner.

iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum CleanerThe robot vacuum cleaner can realize smart automated cleaning, such as the most famous iRobot Roomba 650 robotic vacuum cleaner, it will automatically execute the auto function to scan the house structure and these places with much dust and organize automatically the cleaning route according to the position of the obstacle in the room. When the battery level is low, the robot cleaner will charge itself automatically without the need for human operation. In this respect, the vacuum cleaner is inferior to the robot cleaner. A vacuum cleaner needs to be operated and hold by hand for a long time, which is a waste of time and energy.

The robot cleaner can only clean the dust from the floors, while the vacuum cleaner can clean not only floors but also sofas, wardrobes, beds, walls, and other places. The vacuum cleaner can also clean the dust on computers and clear the mites in the family with a special brush.

From the above analysis, the robot vacuum cleaner is more suitable for the cleaning of flat floors and not too big ground garbage. The vacuum cleaner is more suited for areas where the ground is not flat and garbage is much.