Which Laundry Detergent You Should Choose: Powder, Liquid or Pods?

The main ingredients of powder laundry detergent are surfactants, builders, stabilizers, enzymes, and fragrances. They have strong decontamination ability but are too alkaline, which not only damages clothes, but also irritates the skin.

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The ingredients of the liquid laundry detergent are similar to those of the laundry powder, but the laundry liquid mostly uses mild non-ionic surfactants, and 60%-80% of the laundry liquid is water, which is milder to the skin and easier to rinse, but the disadvantage is that the cleaning power is poor.

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Pods laundry detergent, as the latest generation of laundry detergent, have multiple functions such as cleaning, color protection, and fragrance retention. They are designed for machine washing. The compact packaging greatly improves the convenience of use. The only drawback of laundry pods is a little pricy.

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These 3 laundry detergents have their own pros and cons. If the budget is low and only require the basic cleaning function, then the low price laundry powder is a good choice. If you often wash clothes by hand, it is recommended to choose a mild laundry liquid which not hurt your hands. If the clothes are basically machine-washed, and there are requirements for softness, fragrance retention and colors brighten, it is recommended to choose laundry pods.