7 Best Sewing Machines in 2020

Before buying a sewing machine, everyone needs to know which is the best one that suits you. This is something that can be answered and with several criteria such as the type of stitching that interests you or your level of proficiency at stitching.

Here, we reviewed some of the most popular sewing machines, which are undoubtedly the best in their respective categories.

 1. Brother CS-6000i

This machine is without question the best sewing machine in the market for a beginner because of the simple functions it features and the clutter-free work area that lets you focus on the stitching technique rather than the automatic functions of the machine. It is controlled by a dial rather than any buttons and for what it costs, it is a steal.

2. Singer 7442

For intermediate tailors, who have a bit of experience behind them, this machine can take care of the normal household jobs such as fixing a torn garment or working on a school project for the kids. There is some level of automation but none of the features are computerized. This makes for a good all-round machine with a good build and decent finish quality. The number of decorative stitches offered is impressive and beginners can work with this machine with ease too.

3. Janome 7330 Magnolia

This machine is at the top of the line in the market, in terms of both price and features, and is ideal for professionals looking to add some aesthetics to their work. While it is capable of functional stitching, it is easily the best stitching machine in the market as far as embroidery and designing go. The sheer number of decorative stitches and the level of computerization on this machine aid in that area as well.

4. Singer 4411

For those of you faced with a lot of stitching work in one go which doesn’t need too much care with aesthetics, this machine is the best one. The singer has labeled this a heavy-duty machine, which means that it is built to handle a large amount of work in one go without breaking down. Furthermore, where the machine lacks automated features, it makes up for with efficient stitching and you will be done with denim or quilts faster than you can possibly imagine.

5. Brother LP-6800PRW

Another great machine for embroidery but this is more expensive than the Janome 7330 mentioned above. If the budget permits you, this is the best sewing machine for embroidery as it can handle everything with the help of the computerization it comes bundled with. Irrespective of how complicated the stitch is, the machine does it with ease. And it comes with an impressive leather carrying case too.

6. Singer Confidence 7470

For finishing up products with some letters and monogramming and fixing the basic damages in household clothes, the Singer 7470 is the best sewing machine. With a simple mechanism for the bobbin to be dropped and wound, there is nothing that this machine demands from the user with the exception of pressing a few buttons. This machine is not meant for embroidery but it can still produce a lot of decorative stitches that put others in the same price range to shame. The stitches on offer are not very creative but since it is easy to use, you can impose your own creativity.

7. Singer 3323S Talent

Finally, we come to the machine that is ideal for learners. Though we said the Brother machine on top is the best sewing machine for beginners, this one is better for those looking to learn something rather than just get basic work done. It is slightly more expensive but has a considerably more impressive set of features that let you really hone your talent, as the name suggests.


All the machines that have been mentioned here are from the best brands. While none of them emerges the winner on the whole, they are the best in the category that they are meant for and it is your decision to pick the one that suits you depending on budget constraints. It is best to read as many reviews as possible before finalizing your choice to make sure you get the best sewing machine.